The New DJI Phantom 3 Is the Most Fun I’ve Had In Ages

When you get to my age, flying with the new DJI Phantom 3 is one of the highlights of my day. You see, I wake up and live a fairly normal and even mundane life, everything is always constant and repeating itself. My true escape these days is getting to pilot the Phantom 3 around the neighborhood, pretending as if I’m a pilot exploring the secret hidden places that I could not otherwise experience.


It all started when I read this review of the DJI Phantom 3 drone where the author claimed that it had a nearly 2000m range that things clicked in my mind. Wow, that’s far… in fact, that’s pretty much my entire area. Now, after having flown it for countless hours, I can tell you that the range is in fact much less than 2km but it’s still far enough to have a lot of fun. You can actually lose visual contact with it before getting out of range so I’ve been using my Ipad to help me navigate around when I get to further distances with the drone.

So where do I fly?

I go out exploring. About 20 minutes at a time, I’ll circle around, pretending I’m flying and just taking a leisurely flight like a bird. I try to stay away from people (they tend to get freaked out when there’s a drone staring at them) because I want to preserve’s everyone’s privacy. (I tend to think I’m a very respectful flyer. I won’t go looking into any windows and such). So instead, I visit interesting terrain and farmland around my place.


The new motors on the Phantom 3 are said to be more efficient and slightly quieter but I’m not entirely convinced of this yet. I still think it makes a lot of noise but that’s just me. I suppose the ideal drone would be entirely quiet but I don’t see that happening anytime soon (after all, they are all propellers based). Maybe when we get some sort of levitation technology or can figure out silent flights will that happen.

Regardless, I try to fly high enough to avoid disturbing the neighbours, yet low enough not to interfere with any air traffic. I’m told that the drone is actually limited to 400 feet so I’ll never have to worry about breaking any flight regulations which is great. (I haven’t tried either, 400 feet is quite high!)



So far I’ve been on at least 20 flights with the Phantom 3 from DJI and it has been working flawlessly. I remember being a little worried when I was reading reviews on Amazon about some of them having battery problems but I haven’t had a single issue. I suppose it might happen once in 1000 units or so, and of course, those are always the loudest people. Personally, I have had nothing but good things to say about it. Super solid, super stable and reliable.


Even after crashing it into a tree (hey, it happens), I just picked it up, flipped it back on it’s feet and it was back in the air. I have set of extra propellers but I haven’t had to replace them yet (of course, I fly extremely cautiously). Even then, I have been on the forums and most people tend to be careful with the Phantoms. (As opposed to the quad racers that you sometimes see).


Flying around

This is probably the best air cruiser around. It flies in a majestic way and always leaves you feeling in control. The stability is surprising (honestly, sometimes you would swear that it’s planted straight on the ground) even when you’re 50 feet in the air. Even though you can do fun and close fly-by runs through trees, that’s not it’s primary use. My nephew has one of the small drone racers (and let me tell you, that one has crashed into trees and broken a few parts along the way) and I laugh every time he tells me about his adventures. When he first received his, he was telling me about how it was less expensive than my Phantom, yet after having his for 2 months, I’m pretty sure he’s ordered hundreds of dollars of replacement parts for his. Ultimately, my investment in the Phantom 3 is proving to be a very worthwhile one as he’s paid more (over time) for much, much less.